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I’ve never done a Things on Tuesday post but I thought “what the heck?”.

  • Enjoying the cool/damp weather. I’m not really a hot weather gal and yet I choose to live in what was once a desert. Go figure!
  • Excited about making Chicken Curry for dinner tonight. Nothing like cool weather to make you want to have hearty spicy food.
  • Loving, loving, loving my handsome husband. Just because.
  • Happy to know I have nothing to do this evening but snuggle up and read.  Speaking of which I’m also happy I got a free book in the mail yesterday (“Up From the Blue” by Susan Henderson) and waiting for a new free book to come (“The Murderer’s Daughters” by Randy Susan Meyers). Free books really are awesome.
  • Pleased Sesame Street can still make me smile. You know Sesame Street really does rock.