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I really needed it to be Friday this week. It’s been a long week. I did have a really good book club last night. We read “A Tree Grow in Brooklyn” and we really had some great discussions.

I was surprised how many there were there who hadn’t read it. I read it in high school and I just assumed everyone read it then (or maybe in jr. high) but it doesn’t seem anyone else did. I guess required reading in school is cyclical and “A Tree” hasn’t been in the wasn’t in the cycle or maybe I just read it on my own. Either way everyone loved it and I think we’ll start reading a few more classics.

We’ve chosen as our next book  “Work Song” by Ivan Doig. It’s a sequel to “Whistling Season”, which our group read a couple of years ago and all liked it so much. “Work Song”  brings us back to Morris “Morrie” Morgan, 10 years after the first novel. It’s 1919 and Morrie finds his way to Butte, Montana where he hopes to find a job and spend more time with Grace Faraday, the widow who runs the boarding house where he lives.  Throw in Chicago gangsters, “shysters” from the local mining company, and union drama and you’ve got the makings of a really good tale. Ivan Doig is really a masterful story teller. I love the way he weaves words together to tell his stories. I can’t wait to snuggle down and read this one.