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How can you not be drawn to a book Jon Stewart Blurbs “If War and Peace had a baby with the Breakfast Club and then left the baby to be raised by wolves, this book would be the result. I loved it.”?

I was at the library when my son called to say he had just finished his book and had nothing to read would I please pick up something for him. Well, I saw this title and I am so about a good title that I had to pick it up. My poor boy may not get a chance to read it because I can’t put it down.

Oliver Watson is an average seventh grader in Omaha. He likes grilled cheese sandwiches, dislikes his “cool” English teacher, and loves his brindle pit bull. He is also a mad genius bent on total world domination.

What Oliver wants, he gets and no one can stop him. Not the class bully. Not his uncool English teacher. Not even his arch nemesis “Daddy” who also happens to be his father (he hates being called “Daddy”). He will overthrow dictators, he will blackmail presidents, he will bribe bingo addicted grandmas. What Oliver wants, Oliver gets.

Until now, because Oliver wants to be class president. And Oliver is going to find out ruling the world will be easier the getting other kids to vote for you.

I have only just started this book and I hope to have it finished this weekend so, I’ll come back with a full review. But I can tell you I’m loving it so far.

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