Bookmark Love

I hate dogeared pages, it makes me crazy. Therefore I love bookmarks. All kinds. Oh, I use almost anything. An old envelope, magazine subscription cards, a scrap of paper, or my latest shopping list. But real, proper bookmarks are a wonderful thing. At the moment my favorite, which will probably always be my favorite now, is a school picture of my son from the kindergarten. My husband laminated it for me when he saw I was using it as a marker.  It’s one of those pictures as a parent you love because it’s just so pitiful. My husband and I play a game where we try to guess what he thinks is behind him. Doing our best terrified, timid boy voice we ask “How many bears are behind me?” or “I know there’s a vampire behind me but I won’t look.” He’s many years past this picture and he doesn’t remember why he wasn’t enjoying this school photo experience.  But much to my poor boy’s chagrin it’s one of my favorite pictures. I have to give it little kisses every time I take it out or put it in my book.