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(I’m backtracking on some of the book reviews I did earlier but not on this blog.) To quote Marjorie, “Ohmygosh”. I want someone to invent a time machine and a transmogrifier so I can go back to New York in 1945 as a leggy blond girl from Iowa and work for Tiffany.
What a wonderful story that truly is a snapshot of a moment in history and in Marjorie Hart’s life. This was so well written that I could really feel what it was like to be young and excited about everything happening to me and around me.

I loved every bit of this book. From her descriptions of her first moments in New York to the events leading to her and her best friend Marty becoming the first ever girls Tiffany had every hired, from celebrity sitings to dates with handsome midshipman, everything was new and exciting. But there was also sorrow as the War neared it’s end it seemed no one was immune to loss.

This was a beautiful memoir that captured a time in a young woman’s life and was so well told I couldn’t put it down. And as a bonus there are some great photos as well as lovely sketches from a Tiffany brochure of the time. If that isn’t enough the dust jacket is in glorious Tiffany blue and who doesn’t love that.

Oh, one more thing. A friend in my book club belongs to another book club lucky enough to get Marjorie to come to their meeting to discuss this book. She was as lovely and dear as you would imagine if you read this. I’m trying very hard not to hate my friend, for I love Marjorie so, but someday I guess I will forgive her.