E-readers have me in a quandary. When they first came out I hated the idea of them. I thought they were the death knell for printed books. Now, I won’t get started today on my love of printed books. Audiobooks are just fine by me and great for long car rides but there’s nothing like an actual book. I couldn’t have conceive of reading a book on my computer let alone on a e-reader or my phone.

Then we got my husband a Nook for his birthday. He loves his electronics so, as much as I didn’t like it I went ahead and got one. I should probably throw in here the fact that my beautiful read-a-holic daughter was as against this as I was, her feeling towards books being much the same as mine (maybe even more so). Shortly after getting him his Nook I won a copy of Chris Dolley’s French Fried which to my surprise was a e-book. I really wanted to read it and hey, free is free so I downloaded it onto the Nook and started to read. And I didn’t hate it. It’s not my first love and I really don’t like reading in bed with it (being one of my favorite places to read makes this a serious downside) but it wasn’t the worst thing ever.

There are some real upsides to an e-reader or at least the Nook, as I don’t know how others work, I’m assuming they’re much the same.  Looking up words is a great help as I’ve mentioned in another post. Also, being able to keep, I imagine, hundreds of books in my purse without destroying my shoulder is a lovely thought. I plan to travel over the holidays and it’s good to know I don’t have to worry about book space is my bags or worse yet, running out of books away from home (I shudder even thinking of it). My daughter still hasn’t quite come around, thought that could be changing. She has a trip to Europe planned for next spring and the idea of not being able to pack a ton of books is really not working for her. I see a loan of Dad’s Nook in her future.

Then there’s the idea that kids who may never read might because of cool technology. That’s the one I can’t seem to fight. How can I argue against anything that gets someone who may not ever read a novel to read? At Book Club the other day one of the woman there was telling us how her son, who didn’t like to read, found reading on an e-reader much easier because he couldn’t see the length of the book and it didn’t seem as daunting to him. Right there, is the final argument in the battle of e-readers to me.

Do I worry one day there may not be printed books? Not really. At least to in the long foreseeable future. Not enough for me to worry about. Can I see why to people who love them, love them? You bet. They make perfect sense. Will I switch over to the Nook permanently? Not likely. It has it place but all in all it’s really not for me.

Now, I think I’ll go curl up with my book for a bit while the babies are sleeping.