I received this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewer and it’s the first book I’ve read on my husband’s Nook. It’s a great find on both. I’ve discussed my feeling of e-books and this was the experience that started to change my mind.

Now on to “French Fried”. I’ll start by saying it’s not my favorite book title and that’s the only negative about this book.

Chris and his wife Shelagh have decided to move from their farm in England to a farm in France. If you’ve ever moved from one side of town to the other you know it’s a stressful process. I think moving is right up there with divorce and death in the amount of stress involved. Now imagine moving from one country to the other, when you’re not fluent in the language, and you’re bringing along two cat who don’t get along, a puppy who may make you rethink the whole idea of puppies and, several horses. Add horrible weather, the need to take a ferry with a giant horse trailer, and a series of, well, let’s just say events and you’ll never want to move again.

Sadly things don’t get much easier as they settle in. Funnier, yes easier, not so much. Whether it’s trying to buy a used car or getting mistaken (and signed) as a soccer pro by the local football team things are definitely not boring for the Dolleys. Oh, then imagine moving into a house apparently built by Rube Goldberg. Their pain is our laughs.

Throw in a mystery involving identity theft that will keep you guess and “French Fried” makes for a can’t put down read. At one point (my favorite part of the book) Chris writing about having his identity stolen that he’s not the person this kind of thing happens to only to realize he is exactly that person. (Trust me, his realization is much funnier than I’ve just stated here) With apologies to the poor Dolley family I’m very happy they’re the kind of people this happens to because I had great fun in their misery.

I’m not sure if this book is available in print but you can click the book button above to find an e-book copy. It really is a wonderful read.