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I have a very small day care in my home (two toddlers, be exact) and we go through a lot of books in the course of a week. Or should I say we go through the same books over and over. I think those of us who are readers who reread books come by it naturally if my babies are any indication. I read some of the same books so many times I can do it without the book (I’m looking at you Cat in the Hat).

The last week or two we’ve been very happy with It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw.
Summery:The white shape silhouetted against a blue background changes on every page. Is it a rabbit, a bird, or just spilt milk? Children are kept guessing until the surprise ending—and will be encouraged to improvise similar games of their own.

This is a wonderful little book. It has simple imagery and should stimulate your little ones own imagination. It will be great fun to read this then head outdoors to look at clouds and see what you can see.