Every year for Thanksgiving we go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. Okay, actually we go over the freeway and through the city to Grandmother’s house, but you get the picture. This year we doing things a little different and going to my Brother-in-law’s two states away. We’re were making our plans when it hit me. I called to my husband asking “What about Dave?”

We have a tradition, on the way home we listen to a stories from the Vinyl Cafe told by Stuart McLean. Vinyl Cafe is a Canadian Radio show hosted by McLean that is a mix of music and stories. Stories telling of the misadventures of Dave, his wife Morley, daughter Stephanie, and son Sam. The stories we listen to on the way home all revolve around the Christmas holiday and are laugh out loud funny. I do not exaggerate when I say all four of us still laugh out loud to these stories after listening to them for many years.

Last year for Christmas my husband and kids got me a copy of Stuart’s book Vinyl Cafe Unplugged. It includes two of my favorites Christmas Presents and Morley’s Christmas Concert (this one makes us all laugh so hard people look at us while driving by). Reading these stories are just as wonderful as listening. It helps I have Stuart’s voice in my head when I read.

We always start off with Dave Cooks the Turkey. Dave is a good soul who means well but things have a way of getting hilariously out of control. You can find podcast of some of the stories online and it would be well worth the time to do just to hear how Dave ends up drunk at a four star hotel with his raw grade B turkey (just thinking about his description of what makes a grade B turkey makes me giggle). We usually follow up with Dave on the Rood where we hear Dave’s attempt to put Christmas lights on his roof and his mother’s voice in his head telling him not to put his tongue on the frozen metal clothes line.

There are half a dozen more Christmas themed stories each on funnier than the last. There will be something everyone can relate to in each story and besides being hysterical they are touching sweet and are guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit. I’ve added other of McLean’s books to my Christmas list because I just can’t get enough Dave. And thankfully my husband has added all the Dave stories to his Ipod so we’re good to go on our trip home.

Click on the button of Stuart’s book to go to his website where you can find podcast of his show.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you all have a warm, peaceful, and blessed holiday.