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While I was hiding some Christmas presents in my closet this week I noticed a Christmas book in a big gift bag of wrapping paper I keep in my closet. I know my no one else would have hidden something in my closet, it is strictly my domain. I didn’t remember buying it but I’m going to assume I did in a post Christmas sale buying frenzy. I do like those after-Christmas sales. Well, I sat down and looked through the book and I was thrilled.

Summery: This picture book poses a most ponderable bedtime question: How do snowmen celebrate Christmas? As he lies all snug in his bed, the boy narrator imagines merry snowmen gathering in the town square, hanging sparkling balls of snow on the big Christmas tree. A charming holiday bedtime story. Mark Buehner’s radiant paintings can melt hearts, even on the coldest wintry night.

I was simply charmed by this book A story told in rhyme about how snowmen celebrate Christmas when we’re not looking. The snowmen from all over town gather to decorate the tree, sing songs, play games, eat yummy snow snack, and wait for the arrival of an absolutely adorable snow-Santa. And Santa’s snow-reindeer are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Santa even gives out wonderful snow-toys.

The art work in this book is just beautiful. All the snowmen are individuals and even in the crowd scenes you see their distinct personalities. Oh, and there’s a snow dog so cute I really want to have him for my own. My favorite piece of art happens on the first page when the snowman come to life. There is a snow-mom and snow-dad holding hands with their little snow-child swinging in the air the way all of us parents have swung our kids while joyously walking down the street. The pictures in this book are just magical. And to top it all off in each painting there are hidden pictures for your little ones to look for.

I believe the author and artist have a couple of other Snowmen books out and I think I’m going to have to add them to my collection. If this book is anything to go by I’ll be very happy I did.