Yesterday I had a pretty spectacularly bad day. In the grand scheme of things I know it’s not the worst anyone has had but, well let’s just say it sucked. My already underemployed, underpaid husband took another financial hit at work when his hours and pay were cut yet again. It is supposedly only for the short term, but who knows in this economy. I know we’re not the only ones in this boat and actually that kind of helps.

Needless to say, this is a stinky time of year to have this happen but hey, at least he still has a job and that’s something. We’re actually taking it pretty well. Luckily we had already gotten all the gifts for our kids and we don’t get gifts for each other anymore (we have more cr*p than we know what to do with-we either get something for the house or a trip later in the year). And since a lot of our holiday activities don’t center around gifts it’s not that big of a deal.

That all being said I when I checked the mail yesterday I got a wonderful Christmas surprise. Both the blog Secret Santa swaps I’m involved in came at the same time. What a lovely surprise on a bad day. Now, I didn’t open them yet. In our house we’re pretty big sticklers for waiting until Christmas but since I have a sneaking suspicion there are books involved I know I will be a happy camper. I was going to take pictures of my packages to post but at the moment they’re in a room where there is a baby sleeping (I may have mentioned I have a small day care) and I don’t want to wake anyone up but I did want to get the post posted.

So, I giant thank you Meg from WriteMeg and thank you to Emma at MissPrint for making my Christmas brighter. I promise to post pictures and let everyone know what my wonderful Santas bestowed on my.