Summery: For the first time in decades, Father Tim returns to his birthplace, Holly Springs, Mississippi, in response to a mysterious, unsigned note saying simply: “Come home.” A story of long-buried secrets, forgiveness, and the wonder of discovering new people, places, and depth of feeling, Home to Holly Springs will enthrall new readers and longtime fans alike.

I love the Jan Karon Mitford series more than I can say. I’ve reread them so many times and each time is as moving and enthralling to me as the first. There’s one point in the series that always makes me cry so much my husband will say “Oh, _____ must have happened, if you’re crying this much.” (I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t read them)

So, when I got Home from Holly Springs a couple Christmas’ back I was so excited. I, like many Karon fans, was sorry to see the Mitford series end but delighted to know Father Tim carried on. But then something happened. I never got around to reading the book. I wasn’t sure why, but every time I finished a book and my husband would ask if I was going to read Father Tim I would say not yet. I never knew why and suddenly two years had past. Really, two years. What was I waiting for? At first I blamed it on wanting to go back and read the Mitford series from the beginning and that would take some time and I had new books I wanted to read. Then I would think of other excuses and not read it. I finally figured out I was worried it wouldn’t have the same charm as the others and thus I would be disappointed and maybe even lose some love for the originals.

When I think of the pressure authors must feel when they have written a successful series of books and then try to branch out to something new I can’t help but feel amazed any of them do it. How crummy of me to not go into this new series with only the knowledge that Karon is a wondrful author and these are a whole new set of stories to enjoy.

Well, I finally got around to reading Home from Holly Springs and I could kick myself for not having read it sooner. It had all the elements I loved in the Mitford series. I’ll admit it took me a chapter or two to get into it since some of my favorite characters were gone. But I quickly was swept into the story of Father Tim’s childhood. I wanted to know how he would deal with the heartaches, secrets, and lessons from his past.

I will say there is an upside though for having waiting. The new Father Tim book has just come out so I won’t have to wait now to catch up with him. You can bet I won’t wait another two years to read this one.