This series has multiple authors and the late Jane Orcutt is one of my favorites. I’m very sorry she won’t be adding any more titles.

It’s a hit or miss proposition when I pick up a new Grace Chapel Inn book. There’s also some difficulty in telling where in the series each book falls. There does not appear to be a consistent list of titles and there different site have the same titles in different number positions in the series. That being said, except for my OCD need to read books in order it doesn’t create a story line flow for the most part.

I did enjoy this book more than the last one I read. The story was sweet and funny. One of the hardest parts to writing a series in my opinion is how to introduce old characters to a new audience if the joining mid-series. Jane Orcutt manages better than other authors of the series and that helps this book flow better.

The new characters introduced were fun and endearing and the story on whole was lite enjoyable and somewhat romantic. There were many sweet moments and as always a happy ending which is what I look for in this set of books.

All and all these stories are a nice was to spend a weekend (or a day is you’re a fast reader) and I will surely read more Grace Chapel Inn tales.