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Summary: Christmas Stories this timeless collection of Christmas stories illuminates the magic and spirit of the holiday season. Heartwarming adaptations of classics, such as A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, and The Tailor’s Apprentices – along with original tales, such as The First Christmas, The Gift of the Magi, and A Visit From St. Nicholas – are brought to life with rich illustrations and enchanting details.
Also included is an assortment of holiday poems and Christmas carols, complete with their musical scores. These are every family’s favorite carols and will fill your home and heart with the spirit of this joyous season.

The tales in the Keepsake Collection of Christmas Stories have inspired the imaginations of generations of children, while teaching them to hold the lessons learned in their hearts for a lifetime. Make them a part of your family’s cherished Christmas tradition Happy Holidays. — from Goodreads

I love having my Christmas books out on my coffee table every Christmas. I look through them, read them to my little one, and even read them to my big ones. There’s something about having all my Christmas reading at hand that really makes me happy.

I can’t even tell you where this collection of stories came from. I asked my husband if he remembered getting it and he thought we’d always had it. It’s a lovely little coffee table book. I will say none of the abridged versions are fantastic but still very readable. They are fine for little ones but your older kids might notice some of the awkward cuts. The illustrations are nice. Some are very good, others are just well, nice.

If you have a love of Christmas coffee table books this would be a fine addition. But, if you are rather picky about your Christmas story books you can find better.