Yesterday on the Amused By Books blog (go there, it’s really good) there was a wonderful post about what books say about our personality and with the advent of e-reader, there is the possibility we will have less and less bookshelves. And really who of us haven’t peeked through someones bookshelves to try and figure out just who they are.

She also had a quote from JFK Jr. about his mother and about her love of books. I think if you know much about Jackie Kennedy you know she loved books. She was after all a book editor.

Well, I left a rather long comment about my love of actual books (sorry about that again) and thought before I get back to my regular book reviews (and they are piling up-did I mention I had a 7 mo. old visiting me during the day this week? My kids are 15 and 20 and my day care kids are 2 and 3. You forget how much work 7 mo. old is). Anyway, I thought I’d start back up by talking about my love of physical books.

I love books. Hardback, paperback, new, used, it doesn’t matter I love ’em. I love the feel of them, the smell of them, I love turning pages. I mean really, isn’t turning pages awesome? I know I’m a giant geek but I love the moment when, your just neat the end of the page, and you come to the last word then turn the page. I love that, I really do.

Ever since I was little I’ve loved books. Both my parents were readers and they past it along to all five of the sisters and brother. We’re all readers and shockingly we all were glasses-I don’t think one has anything to do with the other but I thought it was a fun fact. Anyway, when I was younger, you can imagine with five kids there wasn’t a lot of book money but we went to the library a lot. And it was an amazing library to be a little kid in. I grew up in Virginia and we went to the library on the nearby military base. And it was huge (or at least I remember that way) and the children’s section was the size of many library’s entire space and they let you take home as many books as you wanted. What an amazing idea.

So, I’ve always had books in my life. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I get new books. I got two in the mail yesterday-two I was really looking forward to (I’ll post them on Mailbox Monday) and I was in a good mood the rest of the day. I actually walked around holding them, smiling. I did mention I’m a big ole geek, right?

While I can appreciate e-readers and I do have one I don’t thing I’ll be a committed e-book reader. I would miss my books too much. You know I make a pledge every month-this will be the month I don’t get any new books or go to the library. And I never, never make it to the 5th of the month without getting new books.

This is really a rambling, kind of stream of consciousness sort of post. I’m tired and it’s been a long week but the long and the short of it is-surprise, surprise- I love books.

Have a happy weekend everyone. I hope you have a lot of great books waiting for you.