From Goodreads: The Major leads a quiet life valuing the proper things that Englishmen have lived by for generations: honor, duty, decorum, and a properly brewed cup of tea. But then his brother’s death sparks an unexpected friendship with Mrs. Jasmina Ali, the Pakistani shopkeeper from the village. Drawn together by their shared love of literature and the loss of their respective spouses, the Major and Mrs. Ali soon find their friendship blossoming into something more. But village society insists on embracing him as the quintessential local and her as the permanent foreigner. Can their relationship survive the risks one takes when pursuing happiness in the face of culture and tradition?

I’m not going to say to much about this story. If you’ve read it you know just how charming it is and if you haven’t I don’t want to spoil the wonderful way it unfolds. I really loved this story and the characters. The Major and Mrs. Ali were charming, funny (though not always intentionally) and the only problem I had with the book was it could have lasted a little bit longer.

I did come away from this wanting to live in a small village in England. Okay, I know I said yesterday I wanted to live in Canada and today I want to live in England. It’s not that I don’t love the town I live in, I really do I just want to in the book version of all these places. If I were completely honest and had my ultimate choice I would live either in St. Mary Mead (with Jane Marple), Mitford (with Father Tim), or on Prince Edwards Island (with Anne of Green Gables). Alright back to the review.

I can see why this book has become so popular. Really I come back again to the word charming. It describes the feel of this story so well. I was completely charmed by Major Pettigrew, I want to know and have tea with Mrs. Ali, and I want to know what happens to the wonderful Grace. I hope Miss Simmons visits these characters again. So, if you haven’t read this one yet thing about reading it soon, I think it would make a perfect spring read.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention the Major and Mrs. Ali are both readers. I just love that in a book. I have a special place in my heart for any book where the characters read.