I have plans this weekend to re-tool/redesign my blog and realized my About Section is pretty sparse. So, inspired by Ti of Book Chatter‘s About Me section I decided to do 100 things about me.

100 things about me

  1. I love babies
  2. I love sleep
  3. I love to read
  4. So, I have a small Day Care in my home (I get my baby fix then they go home and I can read and sleep)
  5. I’m the youngest of five
  6. My favorite color is green but the shade of green changes all the time
  7. I can never have enough pillows
  8. I don’t wear jewelry except for my wedding ring
  9. I’m a dog person
  10. I have appallingly bad taste in TV shows
  11. I can read anywhere except a moving car
  12. My two kids are awesome
  13. People who say axed instead of asked drive me insane
  14. I can’t wear turtlenecks because I can’t stand anything around my neck
  15. I’m fairly cynical for being a truly optimistic person
  16. I bit my fingernails until last year now my nails are the longest they’ve ever been
  17. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and clean laundry
  18. I literally bounce up and down in my seat when I get close to Disneyland I love it that much.
  19. When I was around six my brother was swinging an old trellis with cement on the bottom in a circle and accidentally hit me in the back of the head. I believe this explains a lot about me.
  20. My favorite insult is Dumb-ass
  21. I used to be able to sing, but now not so much
  22. I’ve had my ears pierced twice and let them close up each time
  23. I’ve worn glasses since the 5th grade
  24. I prefer cold weather to hot and love the rain
  25. I don’t own a cell phone but may have to get one when my daughter transfers and leaves home
  26. I’m not good at and I don’t enjoy chit-chat or small talk
  27. I pay the bills in our family
  28. If I could change just one physical thing about my self it would be my neck-I have an almost football player neck and I hate it.
  29. I firmly believe bacon is always a good idea.
  30. I’m a little OCD about reading book series in order
  31. My parents passed away when I was young, Mom when I was 12, Dad when I was 16
  32. I’m very close to my siblings
  33. I love old movies
  34. My husband is a lucky guy because I love getting practical gifts
  35. I sunburn very easy and therefore avoid direct sun like a vampire
  36. I read and watch TV at the same time
  37. I met my husband on a bus in Los Angeles after I swore I would never talk to anyone I met on the bus.
  38. I have a goofy and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor
  39. I want to retire to the Coastal Pacific Northwest
  40. I want to spank entitled children or teens
  41. A good rendition of God Bless America never fails to move me
  42. I have had neighbor children remove lizards from my home so I don’t have to
  43. I got my first ticket at the age of 46
  44. I love any cozy featuring an actual historical character (Beatrix Potter, Groucho Marx, etc.)
  45. I can’t spell and totally depend on spell check
  46. I don’t deal with conflict well, I make my husband take care of it whenever possible
  47. I purposefully don’t keep my books in any order, I don’t know why
  48. I eat healthy but I would rather not
  49. I had really big hair and big glasses in High School
  50. I have more purses than shoes
  51. I love doing laundry but hate putting clothes away
  52. I used to think how proud Olympic athletes must feel, now I think how proud their parents must feel
  53. I can’t stand a unmade bed
  54. I still have my tonsils
  55. The Gettysburg Address is one of the best things I ever read
  56. My parents are both buried at Arlington Cemetery
  57. I love plants and flowers but I have a black thumb
  58. My signature is illegible
  59. I’m a red head
  60. I have never not cried at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life
  61. I would rather eat foil than dust
  62. I love sarcasm
  63. I have about 30 desert island books
  64. I have a horrible memory for adults names but can always remember kids names
  65. I have no sense of direction
  66. I go barefoot whenever I’m inside
  67. I love to fly
  68. I check my email more than I should
  69. When I haven’t seen my kids in a long time I smell them behind their ear when I see them again, it’s where they smell the most like them
  70. I love getting good mail
  71. I have been on two cruises to Mexico and now really want to cruise to Alaska
  72. I have taught my kids that after 2 AM if anyone says I have a good idea, they don’t
  73. I always have gum in my purse
  74. Books, movies, and sappy TV shows or, commercials can make me cry
  75. My first major crush was my fifth grade teacher and his name was Olaf Zwicker (awesome name, don’t you think?)
  76. When I’m old I want to live in a nursing home with my sisters
  77. When I was pregnant with my son I craved AM/PM hamburgers to this day I’m still grossed out by that
  78. I hate when people dog-ear books
  79. I would love to have a soundtrack to my life
  80. I’m a baby-whisperer
  81. I hate that exercise and eating right makes me feel better. I would rather be sitting on the sofa eating potato skins
  82. My favorite place on earth is lying in bed with my husband and kids watching a movie
  83. The only bone I’ve ever broken is my big toe
  84. When I was a baby I would cry if I didn’t go to sleep listening to the Beatles
  85. I think we could achieve world peace if for 30 minutes everyday everyone had to hold a sleeping baby with the little puff of breath on your neck
  86. I lived through 1 major earthquake and 2 major fires. I can’t recommend either
  87. My favorite lotion/candle scent is cucumber-melon
  88. I don’t really need a big deal made of my birthday
  89. I can eat Chinese or Indian food anytime
  90. I’m so over vampires, werewolves, fairies, and zombies
  91. I was suppose to be born in Germany, like the rest of the women in my family, but I was 3 months pre-mature
  92. I have a birthmark on my knee shaped like pac-man
  93. I once had a 15 minute conversation with Charles Bronson without recognizing him
  94. I have always lived with family either parents, sisters or brother, husband and kids
  95. I make an excellent Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
  96. There’s always a window open in my house no matter how cold it is, I need fresh air
  97. I love blue cheese strong enough to make my eyes water
  98. In my heart of hearts I’d love to be Southern
  99. My kids are the best thing I’ve done in this world
  100. I’m a list maker (duh?)