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It’s been a while since I did a review for Kid Konnection. I’m not sure what happened but I’ve read a stack of really great kids books so I’ve got to get back to it.

Before I began today’s review I feel the need to tell my own dog story first. For some unknown reason when my daughter turned 5 she became afraid of dogs. Nothing happened as far as we knew she was just afraid. We had had dogs before so we couldn’t figure out what happened. For sometime we just didn’t have dogs, we had cats. My son was born right around this time and since he wasn’t around dogs much and had a sister who was afraid, let’s just say dogs weren’t really his thing.

Around the time of my son’s 4th birthday the cat we had ran away. We live in coyote country so we didn’t hold out much hope in finding her. So, we went to a pet adoption day at our local pet store to get a new cat. Now, here’s the thing we’re not really cat people. We had cats because we wanted pets and at the moment our kids didn’t like dogs. Well, they wanted $100 for a cat. I’m sorry to all you cat people out there but come on, for a cat. Aren’t you suppose to get cats from a kid with a box in front of the grocery store?  I just couldn’t do it. Well, since it was a pet adoption there was also a pen set up with a litter of Lab/Shepard mix dogs and there among all the excited, yapping dog was one dog napping for all he was worth and I thought this is the dog for me (I love a good nap),  in one of those spur of the moment parenting decisions, we decided the best way to get our kids over their fear of dogs was to get a dog. That’s how Marvel came to live with us. My kids haven’t been afraid of dogs since. He’s a big ole galumphy dog who apparently is also part horse (his nickname at home is Marvel the Big, Black Dog-like Clifford). Fast forward to this Christmas when my brother came to town with Annie (okay, she was Amber when she came but she’s Annie now), who is as small as Marvel is tall, with one ear up and one ear down, we kind of fell in love. Long story less long, we now have two dogs.

This long story leads to the book that brought me back to Kid Konnection:

Say Hello to Zorro by Carter Goodrich tells the story of Mister Bud. Mister Bud has a great dog life. He has everything a dog could want and more importantly life is on his schedule. Then one day a stranger comes to stay. This is when we all Say Hello to Zorro. What follows is something any dog owner who has ever brought a new dog into the family can relate.

Goodrich has written and illustrated a story with great charm and wonderfully funny detail. His presentation of the day’s schedule had me, the girls I watch, my older kids, and my husband laughing out loud. It also introduced a brand new phrase into our household. Anyone who owns a dog and has walked in after a day at work will understand this time of day, “Greet and Make a Fuss Time”.

I don’t know if this was Mr. Goodrich’s intent but this would be a lovely book for anyone with an older child and are expecting a new baby. I think this would be a subtle way to show while the new stranger may well disrupt your life a bit it will also make life much more fun.

Carter Goodrich was lead character designer for  Despicable Me (if you haven’t seen this, rent it. It has the best description of Santa Clause I’ve ever heard).  He also designed characters for Finding Nemo (love this movie), Monsters Inc. (one of my faves), and Ratatouille (another great movie). So, the guy has some drawing chops and boy can you tell. Mister Bud and Zorro come to life on the pages.

Goodrich has written other picture books including A Creature was Stirring-which will be in our house by this Christmas-and The Hermit Crab-which looks like a wonderful, unlikely-superhero story.

Thanks to the author for my signed copy of Say Hello to Zorro.