Thanks for stopping by, my name is Martha and I have been blogging about books since October of last year. I’m still finding my way around and changing things up. In my fictional life I have unlimited resources and am, at this moment winging my way to BEA. In my real life I’m Armchairing it!! But that’s okay cause I’ll live vicariously through all the Facebook and Armchair BEA posts.

Obviously, I’m a reader. I prefer fiction, though recently I’ve discovered I enjoy memoirs and histories, who knew? I read everyday and that’s not always easy. I have a 20 year old daughter who is at home while she attends college (though she’s leaving this fall to go to UC Santa Barbara and don’t get me started on that. I like her and I’m really starting to get the blues she’s leaving). I also have a teenage son who is a delight even when he’s all teen boyish. I also run a small day care in my house so I get all the perks of having babies (Yeah, I like babies) but then they go home at night and I get to read and sleep.

I can’t wait to meet a whole new group of bloggers and to see what Armchair BEA has in store for those of us attending from our comfy reading chairs.

So, thanks again for stopping by I look forward to getting to know you.