I’ve been in a serious reading slump. The end of the school year is always pretty busy and this year is no exception. Add to the getting my daughter ready for her trip to Europe, having my Brother-in-law visiting, and-oh yeah-my water heater deciding to call it quits-but not before leaking all over the place-I just haven’t had much time to read. But even before that my reading Jones just hasn’t been there.

What do you do when you’re in a slump. I tried reading new genres, tried and true genres, and even started a couple books at once-which usually kicks me into gear. Oh well, here’s hoping this start of summer Memorial Day weekend gets me back on track. I’m way behind on reviews and have a couple blog tours coming up so hopefully that will kick my butt back into reading mode.

Oh, and I have a question for all you parents of grown-up children. How did you get use to not talking to them everyday? Like I said my daughter is off on her Grand Tour of Europe and has been gone all of five days and I’ve gotten a whopping two emails from her. Now, logically I fine with this because I know she’s having an incredible time and at least she touched base with me. But here’s the thing, I like the kid and we’re kinda stupid close. In all her 20 years we’ve never had a strained relationship and we talk a lot. So, I’m just missing talking to her. It’s totally weird for me. I suppose I should use this to get use to when she goes away to school next year. She’s been home her first two years of college but now she’s off to Santa Barbara.  So, how did you get use to not talking? Can you talk me through it? Maybe I’ll get my reading groove back and won’t miss her as much.