What’s been up with me? Well, first of course my poor, faithful computer bit the dust. What a pain that was. It took us a little bit to agree on one and then to get it up and running. During the midst of all of the we also had to pack up my daughter and bring her up to college. No sooner did we get back and my husband was laid off from his job. This actually turned out to be not a bad thing. His boss, or former boss, posted his resume on a business network site and now my husband has more work as a consultant then ever before. But the other side of that is now 3 of the 4 people who live in my house — work in my house. My mother-in-law is still living with us and will be, at least, until March of next year. My guess is more like summer.

Then if that weren’t busy enough my got two new babies in my day care. A 3 month old and a 9 month old. They’re cousins and just about as adorable as two little girls can be. Then just last week I got a new 2 year old little boy (he is absolutely my new baby crush). I don’t know if you’ve had two under one in your house before but they can be time consuming. And the my 9 month old had major, MAJOR separation anxiety. That was fun, almost 3 weeks of non-stop crying. But now, we’re buddies and she smile when I come to the door.
So, just the most part things have been good, but hectic. But, I think last week we got things under control. My husband got his “office” computer up and running so I have more access to the house computer. I’ve hit my stride with all my new babies and we now have a rhythm. Hopefully, this all means I’ll be back to blogging regularly. I have a ton of reviews I have to catch up with and I hope to get on top of that next weekend. I was going to do it yesterday but of course all babies had a runny nose last week so I spent Saturday in bed with a cold and today was out playing Bingo for my older sisters birthday.

I’m so glad to be back. I have to get my blog feet back under me. I can’t wait to start my daily blog visits.