I decided this year I’m not going to join any challenges. Since I pretty much failed miserably at the challenges I did join last year, I’m kind of thinking they’re not for me.  I guess I get into rolls on the types of book I read and then I fall out just as quick and bye-bye challenge.

I am going to go for my 75 books for 2012. I didn’t make it for 2011 but I think I’ll be able to do it this year. I’ve got some good books in the future including a couple promised reviews. I’m also going to try to recap my book clubs discussions (such as they are-sometimes we’re not the most booky of book clubs). I’m hoping for a few guest posts (I’m looking at my husband and daughter on these-they read different genres than I do and I think it would be fun).

So, my New Years resolution for my blog is no committing to book reviews I don’t think I can get to, no reading challenges I know I won’t finish, and meeting my 75 book goal.

What are your book and blog resolutions?