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Okay, I’ve already told you if you’re not watching Downton Abbey it’s time to take a few days off everything, park yourself on the sofa (on in front of your computer) and catch yourself up. Really, I’m not steering you wrong here. But Downton’s just part of the delicious television the good folks at PBS and Masterpiece are giving us this season. Next up is Dicken’s Great Expectations with Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham. I saw Gillian Anderson in Bleak House and she was fabulous. Click on the photo to see a trailer of Great Expectation

Keeping on a Dicken’s roll next we get The Mystery of Edwin Drood starring Matthew Rhys (who, I guess was in Brother & Sisters, but I didn’t watch that show. I will say he’s awfully cute). Click on the picture for a behind the scenes video.

Then comes Birdsong based on a novel by Sebastian Faulks. (This book was a recommended read if you liked/loved Downton Abbey). It stars Eddie Redmayne who I know from playing Jack in Pillars of the Earth. Click the picture to watch a trailer.

Then after all this Masterpiece Classic goodness we get some Masterpiece Mystery fun with the second season of Sherlock. Which is a really good and fun modern day telling of Sherlock Holmes. I’m sure they’ll repeat season one first so if you haven’t seen it you can catch up. Again just click the picture for a trailer.

So, there’s a lot of bookish television coming up thanks to PBS, Masterpiece Theater, and really the BBC. I know I can’t wait.