It doesn’t feel like I haven’t blogged in over a year but the proof is right in front of me. To be honest nothing really happened I just got busy and a little burned out and then fell out of the habit. Now I’m hoping to get back into the habit. I’ve read a lot of really great books, many very good books, quite a few good books, and one or two real lemons. But thankfully those have been the rarity.

As for life beyond reading, well that’s gone on. My daughter graduated from University, got accepted into Teach for America and begins teaching 6th grade English in two weeks. My son starts in senior year next week ( I swear school keeps starting earlier, makes me kind of glad this is our last year. My MIL is still living with us. (Enough said about that).

I’ve realized that besides really missing all the people who I’ve met and lost touch with by wandering away from blogging, I’ve stopped recording the books I’ve read. And I, apparently, have an even suckier memory when it comes to the books I’ve read so I’ve got to get back on the stick.

I think I’m going to have to tool around with the look of the blog. Freshen it up and spice it up so I can (hopefully) bring people back to visit.

I’ve missed so many bloggers (though I have been trolling) and can’t wait to get back into the swing again.

Talk to you all soon. Look forward to telling you about some books.