Has anyone read this book? Inheritance Natalie Danford

Inheritance by Natalie Danford

This exquisitely written novel asks a simple question: How well do we know our parents? One half of the story begins after the death of Luigi Bonocchio, an Italian immigrant whose daughter, Olivia, discovers a mysterious deed among his possessions. The deed is to a house in Urbino, Italy—the hometown he barely spoke of. Intrigued, Olivia travels there. At first she is charmed by the historic city, the relatives she’s not met before, and the young lawyer she’s hired to help her investigate the claim. But when Olivia tries to sort out the deed, she is met with a puzzling silence. Everyone in the town remembers her father, but they are not eager to tell his story. However, Luigi tells his part of the tale directly to the reader as the chapters alternate between Olivia’s search for the truth and Luigi’s account of his history. By the end of this skillfully constructed book, the reader understands both sides of a heartbreaking yet ultimately satisfying love story.

I’m hoping for some insight. The problem is I’m not loving it. I’m also not hating it, which would help if I did. If I hate a book I have no problem packing it’s bags and kicking it to the curb, but what do I do with a book that I’m just not liking very much?

I don’t want to stop reading it because the story itself (or at least the idea of the story) is interesting. I’m just not drawn in by the writing or the characters. I find myself putting it down for any reason.

So, what do you do when this happens to you? Do you leave? Push through? Save it for another day? Skip to the end? (Sacrilege, I know. Don’t give me the stink eye. We’ve all done it at least once)

I want to know what happens, so I know I’ll end up finishing it but I’m curious what the rest of you do in this situation.

Oh and if you’ve read the book and loved it, hated it, or just made it through I’d love to hear that too.

P.S. I was going to add a disclaimer about it being just me and I’m sure this is a wonderful book tons of people have just loved. But I’ve decided with my return to blogging not to apologize for not liking a book. We can’t all like the same thing, if we did we would never find a book at the library, cookies at the store, or a decent hotel in our favorite destination because everyone else would have gotten there first.