a fatal likenessInheritance Natalie Danford

I seem to be on a not so good roll right now so I’m cutting my losses and starting all over again.

My first DNF is Inheritance by Natalie Danford. I loved the story idea, a daughter finds out after her father’s death he owned a house in Italy and has an entire family there she knew nothing about. She heads to Urbino to find out why her father never spoke of any of this to her. The story is told in alternating voice of Olivia and her father, Luigi. Everything should be in place for me to love this book and I have, since putting it down, read a couple of positive reviews but I just couldn’t since my teeth into it and I was finding reasons not to read. I don’t like that. So, it’s bye-bye Inheritance. Maybe I’ll see you later.

My next DNF is for a whole other reason and one the kind of annoys the crap out of me. A Fatal Likeness by Lynn Shepherd is the second in the Charles Maddox Victorian mystery series. Now I’m usually pretty OCD about reading series in order but I got this as an Early Review Copy and forgot I had it, was about to lose it, and thought “What they hey. I’ll just read it out of order”. After all it’s only the second book, Well, this is the exact reason I developed OCD about series. The author, would on several occasions make reference to the previous book but not clearly explain the reference. Something along the like (but not exactly) “we know what happened there” and I’m thinking “no, no I don’t know what happened there. Could I get a little hint?”. Apparently the answer to that is “no, not one little hint.”

I’m in awe of authors of series who manage to seamlessly fill in the blanks of past story lines without aggravating past readers. I know it’s not an easy task and I’ll forgive the author. I’ll also be back, for certain, to read this one once I’ve had a chance to read the first book.

Now I’m on a mission to read a book I enjoy, no let’s say love, from beginning to end and so I’m starting Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield. I loved The Thirteenth Tale and have very high hopes for this one. I’m also reading The Supreme Macaroni Company by Adriana Trigiani. Since she can do no wrong in my book and this is the third in the Valentine series, which I love so I’m not to worried about that. I really want to get back into the reading groove.

supreme macaroni company Bellman & Black