Today is a monumental day in our little family. Today is our daughter’s first day of school.

But today, she does not sit facing the board-one among many-waiting to be inspired. No, today my baby will be standing in front of class-alone-hoping to inspire. Today is my girl’s first day as a teacher.

After years of hard work in school today she starts the next phase of a journey she began some time back when she forced her brother and cousins to play school hours on end. We were fairly sure this was her destiny when, at 3, she would tell us she was going to her room to “play books”.

Words can’t describe how proud, her father, her brother, and I are of her. And how excited we are to see what is to come. But today, on her first day of school I just want to wish her luck, patience, and for her to remember one day she will barely remember what it was like not to know how to do this.

And to Ms. D’s 6th grade English class. Congratulations, you have a very dedicated, passionate, and caring teacher. I know you’ll learn to love learning. To quote one of her summer school students when asked to review her teaching “you taught me I could be good at learning”. She will teach you that too.